370 Four-part Chorales by J.S. Bach in the Humdrum file format.

On this page you can select any chorale and manipulate the layout or measure range using the parameter controls given below. After adjusting the music, click on the download button in the right margin to save an SVG image of the notation, which can be inserted into your webpages, or into a word processor that can load SVG images.

Keyboard shortcuts

• Arrow keys navigate through the chorale list.
• Keys 1–7 transpose tonic from C–B.
• Digit 0 returns choral to original tonic.
• [, ]: decreases/increases first spacing parameter.
• shift-[, shift-]: decreases/increases 2nd spacing parameter.
• +/–: increases/decrease size of music.
• D: reset to default GS layout parameters for chorale.

Dynamically typeset examples

The black boxes below contain HTML code for a dynamic music example using the Humdrum notation plugin:

<title>My Example</title>
<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>
<script>var vrvToolkit = new verovio.toolkit()</script>
<div style="width:590px">


Copy & paste the above HTML text into your own webpage. Copy the text in all three black boxes to create a new webpage, or copy only the middle box's contents if you already have the Humdrum notation plugin setup in your page and want to add another example. The width of the music notation on this page is 590 pixels, so when placing in a containing element that is 590 pixels, the layout will match the one for the music on this page. Adjust the following slider to change the target width for the HTML example:

Editing the music

If you want to make changes to the musical content that is not available in the typesetting menu (such as correcting a note, or cutting off the music in the middle of a measure), then load the music into Verovio Humdrum Viewer (see the docs for editing details). Also, here is a link to the compiled version of the data filters in VHV, which may be easier to edit since it only contains the music that you see on the left, not the entire chorale if a range of measures is selected.

Title Tonic Octave Staves
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